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Princess of House Lilly Michelle House-Haag
Birth: Feb 14, 1999, Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A.; Lilly was adopted from the PetSmart in west Boca, close to Easter Sunday 1999.
Death: 2/25/2012; Highgrove Castle, Jonesboro, Ark, U.S.A.;
Age: 13

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  • Princess of the House Empire


Lilly was born on Valentine's day, 1999, in South Florida, to a Rotweiller mom and a German Shepherd dad. At 8 weeks of age, she was put up for adoption along with her sister. She was Tony's birthday present. Dr. House was working from home for the first few years of her life and she and he bonded almost from the very first day. She would follow him around all day long, watching him, always curious of his many activities, but mostly just wanting to be near him. She was Dr. House's comfort, his anchor in difficult times, and helped him to stay grounded. She traveled with him all over the country, from Florida to Nebraska to Arkansas to New Mexico - multiple times. Lilly loved life and was a true country girl. She lived for the chance to chase squirrels. She was fearless (except for thunderstorms) and was always up for exploring some new territory. Lilly would do just about anything - as long as Dr. House was at her side. Over the last year and a half of her life, Lilly began that slow decline that is expected from all living creatures as they reach their life expectancy. Her health remained pretty good, but age was taking its toll. During her last week, a mass visibly growing larger in her abdomen finally won the war and Lilly took an awful downward trend. She was in constant pain and was losing weight fast. She could no longer get up on her own and when she did she staggered and fell frequently. She was completely incontinent. So, her vet was called and arrangements made for her to come out to see Lilly. The vet arrived and confirmed that Lilly was slowly dying, most likely from that tumor in her mid-section. She felt certain that if Lilly lived much longer, her pain would increase and she would have a terrible quality of life. In spite of the tremendous grief her loss would create, Dr. House felt that sparing Lilly from immense pain and suffering was more important. Lilly was mercifully euthanized. Lilly was buried on the grounds of Highgrove Castle not far from the grave of Dr. House's father. Lilly always loved playing under bushes; when a new fig tree growing a few feet away extends its branches in the years to come, it will be a fitting resting place for the most wonderful dog and companion a man ever could hope for.




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Dr. John Mark House
Jul 30, 1960 -
Anthony Edward Haag
Apr 12, 1968 -
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