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Sir Dudley Digges
12 generations from the origin. Great x 10 grandfather.
Birth: May 19, 1583, Chilham Castle, Kent, England;
Death: Mar 18, 1639; Chilham Castle, Kent, England;
Age: 56
Education: Graduated Christ Church, Oxford in 1601

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  • Member of Parliament, Tewkesbury, then Kent - Dates: 1614, 1621
  • Master of the Rolls for King Charles I - Dates: 1630-
  • English ambassador to Russia - Dates: 1618
  • English special ambassor to Holland - Dates: 1620
  • Knight - Dates: Apr 29, 1607
  • Commissioner for Virginia Tobacco - Dates: 1634


Sir Dudley Digges (Digges Court, Barham, Kent, 19 May ca 1583 -- 18 March 1639), of Chilham Castle, Kent (which he completed in 1616), was a Member of Parliament, elected to the Parliament of 1614 and that of 1621, and also a "Virginia adventurer," an investor who ventured his capital in the Virginia Company of London. Among the "planters," who emigrated in the 1640s, was Digges's son Edward, who became Governor of Virginia: see Edward Digges.

Sir Dudley, a member of the gentry, was the son of Sir Thomas Digges M.P., the celebrated geometer, and Anne St. Leger (1555 -- 1636) of a branch of the Neville family.

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Generation 13/ Sir Dudley Digges (1583-1639) graduated from Christ Church, Oxford in 1601. He was ambassador to Russia (1618) and Special Ambassador to Holland (1620). He authored "The Worthiness of Warre and Warriors" (1604), "Rights and Privileges of the Subject" (1642), and "The Compleat Ambassador" (1655). He sat in Parliment for Tewkesbury and later for Kent. Russia named Cape Digges for him. He was appointed Master of the Rolls in 1630 under King Charles I. He was a friend of Henry Hudson and, in 1610, helped finance that explorer's last voyage, where Cape Digges and Digges Island were named for him. In 1631 he was appointed Commissioner to consider how the plantation of Virginia "now standeth", and what commodities could be raised in those parts. He erected Chilham Castle, Chilham, Kent, England (completed in 1616). He was knighted by King James at Whitehall on April 29, 1607. He was appointed Commissioner for Virginia Tobacco in 1634. He died March 18, 1639, and the wisest men reckoned his death among the public calamities of those times. His wife was Lady Mary, youngest daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Kempe of Olantigh, Kent; whose ancestors included Cardinal John Kempe, Archbishop of Canterbury in 1454, and Thomas Kempe, Bishop of London. Sir Dudley Digges and Lady Mary Kempe had eight sons and three daughters, of whom the fourth son was Governor of Virginia Edward Digges.

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See the Family Tree

Sir Knight Thomas Digges
1546 - Aug 24, 1595
Lady Ann Saint Leger
1560 - 1636
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Lady Digges Mary Kempe
1587 - aft Mar 18, 1639
Governor Edward Digges
Great x 9 grandfather
Mar 29, 1620 - Mar 15, 1674
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