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Queen of Germany Mathilda of Ringelheim
31 generations from the origin. Great x 29 grandmother.
Birth: c 895, ;
Death: Mar 14, 968; ;
Age: 73

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  • Queen consort of Germany
  • Princess of Ringelheim


Mathilda (c. 895 -- March 14, 968) was the wife of Henry I the Fowler, King of the East Franks and the first ruler of the Ottonian or Liudolfing dynasty. Their son, Otto, succeeded his father as Otto I the Great.

Our knowledge of Mathilda's life comes largely from brief mentions in the Res Gestae Saxonicae (Deeds of the Saxons) of the monastic historian Widukind of Corvey, and from two sacred biographies (the vita antiquior and vita posterior) written, respectively, in c. 974 and c. 1003. Mathilda was the daughter of the Westfalian count Dietrich and his wife Reinhild, and her biographers traced her ancestry back to the famed eighth and ninth-century Saxon hero, Widukind. As a young girl, she was sent to the convent of Herford, where her reputation for beauty and virtue is said to have attracted the attention of Duke Otto of Saxony, who betrothed her to his son, Henry.

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Count Dietrich
c. 900 -
Countess Reinhild
c. 900 -
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
King of Germany Heinrich I "the Fowler"
876 - Jul 2, 936
Queen of France Gerberge of Saxony
Great x 30 grandmother
914 -
Princess Hedwig of Saxony
Great x 28 grandmother
c 910 - May 10, 965
Holy Roman Emperor Otto I the Great
Great x 31 grandfather
Nov 23, 912 - May 7, 973
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