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Pharaoh of Egypt Takelot I
generation from the origin. Great x 94 grandfather.
Birth: , ;


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  • Pharaoh of Egypt


Hedjkheperre Setepenre Takelot I was a son of Osorkon I and Queen Tashedkhons, and the father of Osorkon II. He ruled Egypt for 13 Years according to Manetho. Initially, he was believed to be an ephemeral Dynasty 22 Pharaoh since no monuments at Tanis or Lower Egypt could be conclusively linked to his reign, or mentioned his existence, except for the famous Pasenhor Serapeum stela which dates to Year 37 of Shoshenq V. However, since the late 1980's, Egyptologists have assigned several documents mentioning a king Takelot in Lower Egypt to him rather than Takelot II. Takelot I's reign was relatively short when compared to the three decades-long reigns of his father Osorkon I and son, Osorkon II. Takelot I, rather than Takelot II, was the king Hedjkheperre Setepenre Takelot who is attested by a Year 9 stela from Bubastis as well as the owner of a partly robbed Royal Tomb at Tanis which belonged to this ruler. Evidently, both king Takelots used the same prenomen or royal name: Hedjkheperre Setepenre. The main difference between Takelot I and II is that Takelot I never employed the Theban inspired epithet 'Si-Ese' (Son of Isis) in his titulary, unlike Takelot II.

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Pharaoh of Egypt Osorkon I
c. 920 bce - 887 bce
Primary or Last Marriage:
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Pharaoh of Egypt Osorkon II
Great x 93 grandfather
c. 877 bce - 837 bce
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