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Pharaoh of Egypt Osorkon I
generation from the origin. Great x 95 grandfather.
Birth: c. 920 bce, ;
Death: 887 bce; ;
Age: 33

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  • Pharaoh of Egypt - Dates: 922 bce-887 bce


The son of Shoshenq I and his chief consort, Karomat A, Sekhemkheperre Osorkon I was the second king of Egypt's 22nd Dynasty and ruled around 922 BC-887 BC. He succeeded his father Shoshenq I who probably died within 2-3 years of his successful 925 BC campaign against the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Osorkon I's reign is known for many temple building projects and was a long and prosperous period of Egypt's History. His highest known date is a "Year 33 Second Heb Sed" inscription found on the bandage of Nakhtefmut's Mummy which held a bracellet inscribed with Osorkon I's praenomen: Sekhemkheperre. This date can only belong to Osorkon I since no other early Dynasty 22 king ruled for close to 30 years until the time of Osorkon II. Other mummy linens which belong to his reign include three separate bandages dating to his Regnal Years 11, 12, and 23 on the mummy of Khonsmaakheru in Berlin. The bandages are anonymously dated but definitely belong to his reign because Khonsmaakheru wore leather bands that contained a menat-tab naming Osorkon I (see Altenmüller below). Secondly, no other king who ruled around Osorkon I's reign had a 23rd Regnal Year including Shoshenq I who died in his Year 22, though some scholars dispute this. While Manetho gives Osorkon I a reign of 15 Years in his Ægyptiaca, this is most likely an error for 35 Years based on the evidence of the second Heb Sed bandage, as Kenneth Kitchen notes.

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Pharaoh of Egypt Hedjkheperre Setepenre Shoshenq I
c. 972 BC - 922 BC
Primary or Last Marriage:
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Pharaoh of Egypt Takelot I
Great x 94 grandfather
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