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Pharaoh of Egypt Sethknakht
generation from the origin. Great x 106 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1230 bce, ;
Death: 1183 bce; ;
Age: 47
Occupation: Pharoah of Egypt from 1186 BC to 1183 BC

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  • Pharaoh of Egypt - Dates: 1186 bce–1183 bce


Userkhaure-setepenre Setnakhte (also Setnakht) was the first Pharaoh (1186 BC–1183 BC) of the Twentieth Dynasty of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and the father of Ramesses III. . . . While his reign was brief, it was just long enough for him to stabilize the political situation in Egypt, and to establish his son, Rameses III onto the throne of Egypt. Setnakhte started work on a tomb, KV11, in the Valley of the Kings, but stopped it when the tombcarvers accidentally broke into the tomb of the Nineteenth Dynasty Pharaoh Amenmesse. Setnakhte then appropriated the tomb of Queen Twosret (KV14) for his own use. Setnakhte's origins are not known, and he may have been a commoner, although some Egyptologists believe that he was related to the previous dynasty, the Nineteenth, through his mother and may thus have been a grand-son of Ramesses II. His son, Ramesses III, is regarded as the last great king of the New Kingdom, was named after Rameses II and took on many of this king's attributes.

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Pharaoh of Egypt Merneptah
1273 bce - 1203 bce
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Ramesses III
Great x 105 grandfather
c. 1210 bce - 1152 bce
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