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King of England Edward II
21 generations from the origin. Great x 19 grandfather.

Birth: Apr 25, 1284, Caernarfon Castle, Wales;
Death: Sep 21, 1327; Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England;
Age: 43

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  • King of England - Dates: 1307-Jan 1327
  • Prince of Wales - Dates: 1301-1307
  • Lord of Ireland - Dates: 1307-1327
  • Duke of Aquitaine - Dates: 1307-1325
  • Count of Ponthieu - Dates: 1307-1325


Edward II, (25 April 1284 – 21 September? 1327), of Caernarfon, was King of England from 1307 until deposed in January, 1327. His tendency to ignore his nobility, in favour of low-born favourites, led to constant political unrest and eventually to his deposition. He is today perhaps best remembered for a story about his alleged murder, which was linked to his reliance on the corrupt family of Hugh le Despenser, which has been seen by some as evidence of his homosexuality.

Edward was the first monarch to establish colleges in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, he founded Cambridge's King's Hall in 1317 and gave Oxford's Oriel College its royal charter in 1326. Both colleges were to have the favour of Edward's son, Edward III, who confirmed Oriel's charter in 1327 and refounded King's Hall in 1337.

The fourth son of Edward I of England by his first wife Eleanor of Castile, Edward II was born at Caernarfon Castle. He was the first English prince to hold the title of the Prince of Wales, which was formalized by the Lincoln Parliament of 7 February 1301. (The story that his father presented Edward II as a newborn to the Welsh as their future native prince is unfounded; the story first appeared in the work of 16th century Welsh "antiquary" David Powel.)

Edward became heir to the throne when he was just a few months old, upon the death of his elder brother Alfonso. His father, a notable military leader, made a point of training young Edward in warfare and statecraft starting in his childhood. Edward however preferred boating and craftsman work, things thought beneath kings at the time. It has been hypothesized that Edward's love for "low brow" activities was developed because of his overbearing and ruthless father. The prince took part in several Scots campaigns, but "all his father's efforts could not prevent his acquiring the habits of extravagance and frivolity which he retained all through his life". The king attributed his son’s problems to Piers Gaveston, a Gascon knight some believe to have been the prince's lover. Gaveston was exiled by the king after the then Prince Edward attempted to bestow upon him a title reserved for royalty. Ironically it was the king who had originally chosen Gaveston to be a suitable friend for his son, in 1298. When Edward I died, on July 7, 1307, the first act of the prince, now King Edward II, was to recall Gaveston. His next was to abandon the Scots campaign on which his father had set his heart.

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King of England Edward I "Longshanks" Plantagenet
Jun 17, 1239 - Jul 7, 1307
Queen Consort of England Eleanor of Castile
1241 - Nov 28, 1290
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Jan 25, 1308, Place: Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France, Status: Marriage, Note:
Queen of England Isabella of France
1292 - Aug 22, 1358
King of England Edward III Plantagenet
Great x 18 grandfather
Nov 13, 1312 - Jun 21, 1377
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