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Queen of England Isabella of France
21 generations from the origin. Great x 19 grandmother.

Birth: 1292, Paris, France;
Death: Aug 22, 1358; Hertford Castle, England;
Age: 66

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  • Queen Consort of England - Dates: 1308


Isabella of France (c.1295 -- August 22, 1358), known as the She-Wolf of France, (this sobriquet has been appropriated - now, all but transferred to Isabella - from Shakespeare's "Henry VI", where it is used to refer to Henry's Queen, Margaret of Anjou) was the Queen consort of Edward II of England. She was a member of the House of Capet.

Isabella was born in Paris sometime between 1288 and 1296, the daughter of King Philip IV of France and Queen Jeanne of Navarre, and the sister of three French kings. While still an infant, her father had promised her in marriage to Edward II to resolve the conflicts between France and England over the latter's continental possession of Gascony and claims to Anjou, Normandy and Aquitaine. Pope Boniface VIII had urged the marriage as early as 1298 but was delayed by wrangling over the terms of the marriage contract. The English king, Edward I had also attempted to break the engagement several times. Only after he died in 1307 did the wedding go forward.

Her groom, the new King Edward II, looked the part of a Plantagenet king to perfection. He was tall and athletic, and wildly popular at the beginning of his reign. She married Edward at Boulogne-sur-Mer on January 25, 1308. Since he had ascended the throne the previous year, Isabella never was titled Princess of Wales.

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King of France and Navarre Philip IV
1268 - Nov. 29, 1314
Queen Consort of France Jeanne of Navarre
14 Jan 1273 - 2 Apr 1305
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Jan 25, 1308, Place: Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France, Status: Marriage, Note:
King of England Edward II
Apr 25, 1284 - Sep 21, 1327
King of England Edward III Plantagenet
Great x 18 grandfather
Nov 13, 1312 - Jun 21, 1377
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