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King of Naples, Sicily, and Albania Charles II "the Lame"
23 generations from the origin. Great x 21 grandfather.
Birth: 1254, Naples, Italy;
Death: May 5, 1309; Naples, Italy;
Age: 55
Occupation: King of Naples, Sicily, and Jerusalem, Prince of Salerno

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  • King of Naples - Dates: 1285-1309
  • King of Sicily - Dates: 1285-1309
  • King of Albania - Dates: 1285-1301
  • Prince of Achaea - Dates: 1285-1289
  • Count of Anjou - Dates: 1285-1290
  • King of Jerusalem (titular)
  • Prince of Salerno


Charles II, known as "the Lame" (French le Boiteux; 1254 – 5 May 1309), was King of Naples and Sicily, titular King of Jerusalem, and Prince of Salerno.

He was the son of Charles I of Anjou, who had conquered the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily in the 1260s. His mother was Beatrice of Provence.

During the Sicilian Vespers, he had been captured by Roger of Lauria in the naval battle at Naples in 1284. When his father died in 1285, he was still a prisoner of Peter III of Aragon. In 1288, King Edward I of England mediated to make peace, and Charles was liberated on the condition that he was to retain Naples alone. Sicily was left to the Aragonese. Charles was also to induce his cousin Charles of Valois to renounce, for twenty thousand pounds of silver, the kingdom of Aragon, which had been given to him by Pope Martin IV to punish Peter for having invaded Sicily, but which the Valois had never effectively occupied.

Charles was then released, leaving three of his sons and sixty Provençal nobles as hostages, promising to pay 30,000 marks and to return a prisoner if the conditions were not fulfilled within three years. He went to Rieti, where the new Pope Nicholas IV immediately absolved him from all the conditions he had sworn to observe, crowned him King of Sicily in 1289, and excommunicated King Alfonso III of Aragon. Charles of Valois, in alliance with Castile, prepared to take possession of Aragon, reopening the Aragonese Crusade. Alfonso, being hard pressed, agreed to the conditions of the Treaty of Tarascon: he had to promise to withdraw the troops he had sent to help his brother James in Sicily, to renounce all rights over the island, and pay a tribute to the Holy See.

Alfonso died childless in 1291 before the treaty could be carried out, and James took possession of Aragon, leaving the government of Sicily to the third brother Frederick.

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King of Sicily, Naples, Albania, and Jerusalem Charles I of Anjou
Mar 1227 - 1285
Queen Consort of Sicily Beatrice of Provence
1234 - Sep 23, 1267
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Queen Consort of Naples Maria Arpad
c. 1257 - Mar 25, 1323
Marguerite de Anjou
Great x 20 grandmother
1274 - Dec 31, 1299
Queen Consort of Sicily Eleanor
Great x 21 grandmother
Aug 1289 - Aug 9, 1341
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