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Duke of Norfolk Thomas Howard
16 generations from the origin. Great x 14 grandfather.

Birth: 1443, England;
Death: May 21, 1524; England;
Age: 81

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  • 2nd Duke of Norfolk, 3rd creation - Dates: 1514-1524
  • 1st Earl of Surrey, 3rd creation - Dates: 1483-1524
  • Earl Marshal of England - Dates: 1509-1524
  • Lord High Treasurer - Dates: 1501-1524
  • Privy Council - Dates: 1501


Grandfather to Anne Boleyn and Great grandfather to Queen of England, Elizabeth I.

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1443 – 21 May 1524) was an English soldier and statesman, and son of John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk by his first wife Catherine de Moleyns the daughter of William de Moylens and Margery Whalesborough.

Howard went to Ipswich School in his youth. As the Earl of Surrey, Howard fought for King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, following which he was imprisoned for several years before having his titles and estates restored. He continued in the service of the Tudor dynasty. Beginning in 1497, Howard and the English repelled Scots assaults at Norham Castle, a stronghold of the Bishopric of Durham, among others. In 1502, a treaty was signed between Scotland and England ending hostilities for a time, and Howard was able to rest from his military career for a while. He was appointed Lieutenant General of the North.

In 1511, Lord Surrey was appointed Warden-General of the Northern Marches. In 1513, the Scots invaded England to meet their treaty obligations to France under the Auld Alliance. At the Battle of Flodden Field, the English, under Howard's command, successfully repelled the Scots. With victory, Lord Surrey was restored as Duke of Norfolk in 1514, which title had been forfeit since 1485 because of his father's support of Richard.

He died in 1524 and was buried in Thetford Priory.

Marriages and children:
1. Elizabeth Tilney, daughter of Sir Frederick Tilney of Ashwellthorpe and Elizabeth Cheney.
  • Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk
  • Lord Edmund Howard, father of Catherine Howard, queen consort to Henry VIII of England
  • Henry Howard
  • Edward Howard (admiral)
  • Muriel Howard. Married John Grey, 2nd Viscount Lisle.
  • Lady Elizabeth Howard, wife to Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, mother to Queen Anne Boleyn, and grandmother to Queen Elizabeth I of England.
  • Richard Howard.
  • Sir John Howard.
  • Charles Howard.
2. Agnes Tilney (1478-1545), daughter of Hugh Tilney of Boston and Eleanor Tailboys, and his first wife's cousin. As Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, she was involved in the fall of her step-granddaughter, Catherine Howard, in 1542.
  • William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham
  • Lord Thomas Howard (1511-1537).
  • Elizabeth Howard (d. 1536). Married Henry Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex and was mother of Thomas Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Sussex.
  • Catherine Howard (d. 1554). Married Henry Daubney, 1st Earl of Bridgewater.
  • Dorothy Howard. Married Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby.
  • George Howard.
  • Agness Howard.
  • Anne Howard. Married John de Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford.

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See the Family Tree

Duke of Norfolk John Howard
c. 1425 - Aug 22, 1485
Duchess of Norfolk Catherine Moleyns
c. 1425 - 1465
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Duchess of Norfolk Agnes Tilney
c. 1477 - c. May 25, 1545
Countess of Surrey Elizabeth Tilney
bef 1447 - Apr 4, 1497
Countess of Sussex Elizabeth Howard
Great x 13 grandmother
c. 1500 - Sep 18, 1534
Countess of Wiltshire Elizabeth Howard
Great x 12 grandaunt
c. 1480 - Apr 3, 1538
Duke Norfolk Thomas Howard
Great x 13 granduncle
1473 - Aug 25, 1554
Baron Howard of Effingham William Howard
Great x 13 granduncle
c. 1510 - c. Jan 21, 1573
Lord Edmund Howard
Great x 13 granduncle
bet. 1472 and 1497 - Mar 19, 1539
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