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Colonel Frances Hacker II
10 generations from the origin. Great x 8 grandfather.

Birth: c. 1618, East Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire, England;
Death: Oct 19, 1660; Tyburn (London), England; Hanged for his role in the execution of King of England, Charles I
Age: 42

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  • Colonel, British Army


Francis Hacker was an English soldier and one of the Regicides of King Charles I of England.

Hacker was a Parliamentarian Army officer from Nottinghamshire. His family were Royalists -- one of his brothers died fighting for the King, another lost a hand in his service. Colonel Hacker commanded the soldiers who guarded King Charles during his trial and controlled access to him. He signed the order to the executioner when Colonel Huncks refused to do so and supervised the guard on the scaffold when the King was beheaded. Brought to trial as a regicide in October 1660, Hacker pleaded that he was only following orders. He was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. He was hanged at Tyburn on 19 October 1660. He was probably spared the full horror of a traitor's death (to be hanged, drawn, and quartered) because of his brothers' loyal service to the Crown.

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For more wonderful detail about this period in history and the Hacker contribution to it, please visit:

[The commission which found Colonel Hacker guilty of regicide included Earl Shaftsbury Anthony-Ashley Cooper, an ancestor on the House side of this author's family. --jmh]

FRANCIS lll HACKER b: in Nottinghamshire, Shelford, England

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Francis Hacker
c. 1591 - c. 1664
No information for the mother yet
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Jul 5, 1632, Place: St. Peter's church, Nottingham, England, Status: Marriage, Note:
Isabella Brunts
1612 - c. 1665
Francis Hacker III
Great x 7 grandfather
c. 1650 - c. 1700
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