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Queen Consort of France Isabeau of Bavaria
20 generations from the origin. Great x 18 grandmother.
Birth: c. 1370, Bavaria;
Death: Sep 24, 1435; France;
Age: 65

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  • Queen Consort of France - Dates: 1385-1422


Isabeau de Bavière (also Isabella of Bavaria-Ingolstadt; ca. 1370 – September 24, 1435) was a Queen Consort of France (1385 - 1422) after marrying Charles VI of France, a member of the Valois Dynasty, on July 17, 1385. She assumed a prominent role in public affairs during the disastrous later years of her husband's reign.

Isabeau of Bavaria was the daughter of Stephen III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Taddea Visconti.

Her paternal grandparents were Stephen II, Duke of Bavaria (a son of Emperor Louis IV) and Elisabeth of Sicily (whose name Isabella received), daughter of king Frederick III of Sicily and his wife Eleanor of Anjou.

Eleanor was herself a daughter of Charles II of Naples and Maria Arpad of Hungary. Maria was a daughter of Stephen V of Hungary and Elizabeth of the Cumans (whose namesake her great-granddaughter, and through that, ultimately queen Isabella became). Elizabeth was daughter of Kuthen of the Cumans, a chieftain apparently descending from the Kipchaks and lord of the clan of Kun which had settled to Hungary after Mongol pressure drove them westwards.

Her maternal grandparents were Barnabò Visconti, Lord of Milan and Regina-Beatrice della Scala. Regina was daughter of Mastino II della Scala, Lord of Verona from 1329 to 1351 and his wife Taddea di Carrara.


Isabeau married King of France Charles VI.
Their children:
Charles, Dauphin, September 26, 1386-December 28, 1386, Died young. No issue. First Dauphin.
Joan, June 14, 1388-1390, Died young. No issue.
Isabella, November 9, 1389-September 13, 1409, Married (1) Richard II, King of England (1367 - 1400) in 1396. No issue. Married (2) Charles, Duke of Orleans (1394 - 1465) in 1406. Had issue.
Joan, January 24, 1391-September 27, 1433, Married John VI, Duke of Brittany (1389 - 1442) in 1396. Had issue.
Charles of France, Dauphin, February 6, 1392-January 13, 1401, Died young. No issue. Second Dauphin.
Mary, August 24, 1393-August 19, 1438, Never married - became an abbess. No issue.
Michelle, January 11, 1395-July 8, 1422, Married Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1396 - 1467) in 1409.
Louis, Dauphin, January 22, 1397-December 18, 1415, Married Margaret of Burgundy. Third Dauphin.
John, Dauphin, August 31, 1398-April 4, 1417, Married Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut (1401 - 1436) in 1415. No issue. Fourth Dauphin.
Catherine, October 27, 1401-January 3, 1437, Married (1) Henry V, King of England (1387 - 1422) in 1420. Had issue., Married (2) Owen Tudor (1400 - 1461). Had issue.
Charles VII, King of France, February 22, 1403-July 21, 1461, Married Marie of Anjou (1404 - 1463) in 1422. Had issue. The fifth Dauphin.
Philip, November 10, 1407-November 10, 1407, Died young. No issue.

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Duke of Bavaria Stephen III
1337 - Sep 26, 1413
Duchess of Bavaria Taddaea Visconti
c. 1340 - c. 1400
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Jul 17, 1385, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
King of France Charles VI
Dec 3, 1368 - Oct 21, 1422
Queen Consort of England Katherine of Valois
Great x 17 grandmother
Oct 27, 1401 - Jan 3, 1437
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