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Queen Consort of France Joanna of Bourbon
21 generations from the origin. Great x 19 grandmother.
Birth: Feb 3, 1338, Vincennes, Ile-de-France, France;
Death: Feb 6, 1378; Paris, France;
Age: 40

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  • Queen Consort of France - Dates: 1364-


Jeanne de Bourbon (Vincennes, February 3, 1338 – February 6, 1378, Paris) was the Queen consort of France, due to her marriage to King Charles V. Jeanne was the daughter of Peter I, Duke of Bourbon and Isabelle de Valois, a half-sister of Philip VI of France as the daughter of Charles of Valois and his third wife Mahaut of Chatillon.

Her father, grandfather, and brother were all somewhat mentally unstable, and Jeanne seems to have inherited this family ailment. She suffered a complete nervous breakdown after the birth of her seventh child. Her eldest surviving son, Charles VI, was famous for his insanity. From her marriage to Charles V of France (1350, Tain-en-Viennois) were born nine children:
Jeanne (1357–1360)
Jean (1359–1364)
Bonne (1360)
Jean (1366)
Charles VI of France (1368–1422)
Marie (1370–1377)
Louis of Valois, Duke of Orléans (1372–1407)
Isabelle (1373–1378)
Catherine (1378–1388)

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Duke of Bourbon Peter I of Bourbon
1311 - Sep 19, 1356
Princess of Aragon Isabella of Valois
c. 1320 - c. 1350
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Apr 8, 1350, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
King of France Charles V
Jan 21, 1338 - Sep 16, 1380
King of France Charles VI
Great x 18 grandfather
Dec 3, 1368 - Oct 21, 1422
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