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Queen Consort of Sicily Eleanor
23 generations from the origin. Great x 21 grandmother.
Birth: Aug 1289, Naples, Italy;
Death: Aug 9, 1341; Sicily;
Age: 52

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  • Queen Consort of Sicily


Eleanor of Anjou (August, 1289 - 9 August 1341) was the Queen consort of Frederick III of Sicily.

She was the third daughter of Charles II of Naples and Maria Arpad of Hungary.

Her paternal grandparents were Charles I of Sicily and Beatrice of Provence. Her maternal grandparents were Stephen V of Hungary (d. 1272) and his wife, queen Elisabeth, who was daughter of Zayhan of Kuni, a chief of the Cuman tribe and had been a pagan before her marriage.

On 17 May 1302, Eleanor married Frederick III of Sicily. Her father and her new husband had been engaged in a war for ascendancy in the Mediterranean Sea and especially Sicily and the Mezzogiorno. The marriage was part of a diplomatic effort to establish peaceful relations which would lead to the Peace of Caltabellotta (19 August, 1302).

The peace divided the old Kingdom of Sicily into an island portion and a peninsular portion. The island, called the Kingdom of Trinacria, went to Frederick, who had been ruling it, and the Mezzogiorno, called the Kingdom of Sicily contemporaneously, but called the Kingdom of Naples by modern scholarship, went to Charles II, who had been ruling it. Thus, the peace was formal recognition of an uneasy status quo.

. . .

Eleanor and Frederich had nine children:
  1. Peter (1304 – 1342), successor
  2. Roger (born 1305), died young
  3. Manfred (1306 – 1317), Duke of Athens and Neopatria
  4. Constance, married at 1317 to Henry II of Cyprus, on December 29, 1331 to Leo V of Armenia and at 1343 to John of Lusignan, brother of Peter I of Cyprus. She didn't children from any of her marriages.
  5. Elisabeth,(1310 – 1349), married (1328) Stephen II of Bavaria
  6. William (1312 – 1338), Prince of Taranto, Duke of Athens and Neopatria
  7. John (1317 – 1348), Duke of Randazzo, Duke of Athens and Neopatria, Regent of Sicily (from 1338)
  8. Catherine (1320 – 1342)
  9. Margaret (1331 – 1360), married (1348) Rudolf II of the Palatainate
To his mistress Sibilla Sormella were born:
  1. Alfonso Frederick, (1294 – 1334), regent of Athens and Neopatria
  2. Roland (1296 – 1361)
  3. Elisabeth (or Isabella) di Sicilia (1297 – 1341)
  4. Sancho (1300 – 1334)
  5. Eleanor (born 1298)

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King of Naples, Sicily, and Albania Charles II "the Lame"
1254 - May 5, 1309
Queen Consort of Naples Maria Arpad
c. 1257 - Mar 25, 1323
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: May 17, 1302, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
King of Sicily Frederick III
Dec 13, 1272 - Jun 25, 1337
Duchess of Bavaria Elizabeth of Sicily
Great x 20 grandmother
1310 - 1349
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