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King of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden Christian I
18 generations from the origin. Great x 16 grandfather.
Birth: Feb, 1426, Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany;
Death: May 21, 1481; Copenhagen, Denmark;
Age: 55

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  • King of Denmark - Dates: 1448-1481
  • King of Norway - Dates: 1450-1481
  • King of Sweden - Dates: 1457-1464
  • Duke of Schleswig - Dates: 1460-1481
  • Duke of Holstein - Dates: 1460-1481


Christian I (1426 – 1481), Danish monarch and union king of Denmark (1448 – 1481), Norway (1450 – 1481) and Sweden (1457 – 1464), under the Kalmar Union. In Sweden his short tenure as monarch was preceded by regents, Jöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna and Erik Axelsson Tott and succeeded by regent Kettil Karlsson Vasa. Also Duke of Schleswig and Holstein 1460-81.

He was born in February 1426 in Oldenburg. His father was Count Dietrich of Oldenburg (died 1440) whom he succeeded as Count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst. His mother was his father's second wife, Hedwig of Schleswig and Holstein (Helvig of Schauenburg) (died 1436). Christian had two brothers, Count Moritz V of Delmenhorst (1428 - 1464) and Count Gerhard VI of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst (1430 - 1500), and one sister Adelheid.

King Christopher of Denmark, Sweden and Norway died in January 1448. His death resulted in the break-up of the union of the three kingdoms, as Denmark and Sweden went their separate ways. On 1 September 1448, count Christian of Oldenburg was elected to the vacant Danish throne, as king Christian I. He was a cognatic descendant of King Eric V of Denmark The throne was first offered by the Statsraad to the most prominent feudal lord of Danish dominions, Duke Adolf VIII of Schleswig-Holstein, but (being relatively old and childless) he declined and recommended his nephew.

Christian married Dorothea of Brandenburg (1430 - November 25, 1495), the widow of his predecessor King Christopher (of Bavaria) and thus dowager queen, on October 28, 1449 in Copenhagen. Dorothea and Christian had five children:
Olaf (1450-1451)
Knud (1451-1455)
Hans (1455 - 1513), King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Duke of Schleswig and Holstein
Margarete of Denmark (1456-1486), 13 years old married to the 17 years old King James III of Scotland
Frederick (1471-1533), Duke of Schleswig and Holstein, in Gottorp, later also King of Denmark and Norway

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Count of Oldenburg Theoderic
c. 1398 - Feb 14, 1440
Countess of Schleswig Hedwig
1398 - 1436
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Oct 28, 1449, Place: Copenhagen, Denmark, Status: Marriage, Note:
Queen Consort of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden Dorothea of Brandenburg
c 1430 - Nov 10, 1495
Queen Consort of Scotland Margaret of Denmark
Great x 15 grandmother
Jun 23, 1456 - Jul 14, 1486
King of Denmark and Norway Frederick I
Great x 15 granduncle
Oct 7, 1471 - Apr 10, 1533
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