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Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway Louise of Great Britain
Seventh cousin 8 times removed, 8th cousin 9 times removed, 9th cousin 6 times removed, 10th cousin 6 and 9 times removed, 11th cousin 6 times removed .
Birth: Dec 7, 1724, Leicester House, London, England;
Death: Dec 19, 1751; Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark;
Age: 27

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  • Queen Consort of Denmark
  • Queen Consort of Norway
  • Princess of Wales


Louise of Great Britain (7 December 1724 – 19 December 1751) was the youngest surviving daughter of George II and Caroline of Ansbach, and became queen consort of Denmark and Norway.

HRH Princess Louise of Wales was born, fifth daughter and youngest child of George, Prince of Wales and Caroline of Ansbach, on 7 December 1724, at Leicester House, London. She was baptised there on 22 December.

On 11 June 1727, when Louise was two years old, her grandfather, George I, died, and her father ascended the throne as George II. As a child of the sovereign, she became automatically entitled to the style HRH The Princess Louise.

She married the Prince Frederick of Denmark and Norway, on 11 December 1743, and took the courtesy style of HRH Princess Frederick of Denmark and Norway. The couple had seven children, two of whom did not survive birth.

When her husband ascended the throne, on 6 August 1746, as Frederick V, she became queen consort, thus becoming known as HM The Queen of Denmark and Norway.

Louise died on 19 December 1751, in Christiansborg, predeceasing her husband by fourteen years, and was buried at Roskilde Cathedral.

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King of Great Britain and Ireland George II
Nov 10, 1683 - Oct 25, 1760
No information for the mother yet
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Dec 11, 1743, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
King of Denmark and Norway Frederick V
Mar 31, 1723 - Jan 14, 1766
Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel Louise
Eighth cousin 7 times removed
Jan 30, 1750 - Jan 12 1831
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