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Holy Roman Empress Beatrix
23 generations from the origin. Great x 21 grandmother.
Birth: c. 1292, Germany;
Death: Aug 24, 1322; Germany;
Age: 30

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  • Empress Consort of the Holy Roman Empire - Dates: 1314-1322
  • Queen of Germany


Beatrix of Silesia-Glogau (c. 1292 - 24 August 1322) was the first wife of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

She was born to Henry III, Duke of Silesia-Glogau (reigned 1274 - 1310) and Matilda of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Her paternal grandparents were Konrad I, Duke of Silesia-Glogau and his first wife Salome of Greater Poland. Her maternal grandparents were Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Adelheid of Montferrat.

Konrad I was a son of Henry II the Pious, Duke of Cracow and his wife Anna of Bohemia. Salome was a daughter of Władysław Odonic and Jadwiga of Pomerania. Adelheid was a daughter of Boniface II of Montferrat and Margaret of Savoy.

Anna of Bohemia was a daughter of Ottokar I of Bohemia and his second wife Constance of Hungary. Jadwiga of Pomerania was a daughter of Mściwój I of Pomerania. Margaret of Savoy was a daughter of Amadeus IV of Savoy and his first wife Anne of Burgundy.

Constance of Hungary was a daughter of Béla III of Hungary and Agnes de Chatillon. Anne of Burgundy was a daughter of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy and his second wife Beatrice d'Albon, Dauphine de Viennois.

Agnes de Chatillon was a daughter of Raynald of Chatillon and Constance of Antioch (joint princes of Antioch). Beatrice d'Albon was a daughter of Guigues V, Dauphin de Viennois and Beatrix of Montferrat.

Beatrix of Montferrat was probably a daughter of Rainier of Montferrat and his wife Gisela of Burgundy.

Gisela of Burgundy was a daughter of William I, Count of Burgundy and his wife Stephanie.

Beatrix married Louis IV, Duke of Upper Bavaria c. 1309. They had six children:
1 - Mathilde (aft. 21 June 1313 – 2 July 1346, Meißen), married at Nürnberg July 1, 1329 Friedrich II, Markgraf of Meißen (d. 1349)
2 - a child (b. September 1314)
3 - Anna (c. 1316 – 29 January 1319, Kastl)
4 - Louis V the Brandenburger (1316–1361), duke of Upper Bavaria, margrave of Brandenburg, count of Tyrol
5 - Agnes (b. c. 1318)
6 - Stephen II (1319–1375), duke of Lower Bavaria.

Her husband was elected King of Germany on 20 October 1314. However another faction had elected Frederick I of Austria as King on 19 October. The two rival Kings would continue their dispute for the rest of her life. She was one of two rival Queens of Germany with Isabel of Aragon, wife of Frederick I.

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Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria
Apr 1, 1282 - Oct 11, 1347
Duke of Bavaria Stephen II
Great x 20 grandfather
1319 - May 13, 1375
Margravine of Meissen Matilde of Bavaria
Great x 20 grandmother
aft Jun 21, 1313 - Jul 2, 1349
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