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Thomas Adair
8 generations from the origin. Great x 6 grandfather.
Birth: 1680, Antrim, Ireland;
Death: 1755; Duncans Creek, Laurens, South Carolina, USA;
Age: 75

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The quotes below are uncited and therefore their validity is unknown:

"The name of Thomas Adair's wife is unknown, but he married while still in Ireland. They had three sons who were all born in Ireland, and then in 1730 this family emigrated to Chester County, Pennsylvania, a part of a Scots-Irish group with not much love for the mother country, but later developed an intense patriotism for their adopted country. His oldest son, James, began actively trading with the Indians and continued for years, setting up his headquarters for this activity in Charleston, South Carolina as early as about 1735. Through his commercial influence and patronage, being a wholesale buyer for his Indian trade, he gained access to the King, and that monarch, King George ll, made him a large grant of land. This patent was located away out beyond the frontier in Indian country, on Duncan's Creek in what is now Laurens County, and James and his father and brothers move from Pennsylvania to South Carolina to settle on this land.

In going from the settled part of Pennsylvania to see this land in South Carolina, they found no roads, no surveys and no white settlements. They cut out a road as they went, in order that they might find their way out again. After examining the land and selecting their locations, some went to work to build houses and clear land for cultivation, while others went back to Pennsylvania for their livestock which they eventually drove overland on foot from the Susquehanna River to Duncan's Creek. Their corn mill they brought along and set it up for operation by nailing it to a tree. This Colony obtained their corn this first year by trading with the Indians.

Shortly after the Adair Colony was established, another noted Colony was located to the east of it called the WAXAW Colony, composed of Scotch-Irish settlers from Pennsylvania. According to McGrady's history of South Carolina, the Adairs were considered prominint members of this Waxaw Colony.

When the American Colonies began their struggle for independance the Adairs sided with the Americans, and there were no fewer than ten Adairs in the American Army from South Carolina, and about the same number of Adairs in Washington's Army from Pennsylvania.
Kendall 929.27"

-- end quote --

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"Thomas Adair b. 1680, migrated to America in 1730 with three sons. The second son, Joseph, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The third son, William, "the pioneer", was a grandfather of Gen John Adair who distinguished himself at the Battle of New Orleans and was later the 8th governor of Kentucky. The first son James Adair b. 1709, d. 1783, wrote the authoritative HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS, published in London in 1775 [currently available on --ed]. James had two sons, John and Edward. The children of Edward and some of the children of John were parents of the Adairs of the Cherokee Nation (according to the HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEES by Emmett Starr). Will Rogers was a descendant of this branch."

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1 - James Robert Adair b: 1709 in Antrim, Ireland
2 - Joseph Adair b: 1711 in Antrim, Ireland
3 - William Adair b: 1719 in Antrim, Ireland


87 - Non-cited or non-authoritative source from
87 - Non-cited or non-authoritative source from
87 - Non-cited or non-authoritative source from


See the Family Tree

Alexander Adair
1652 - 1715
Margaret Agnew
1661 - 1715
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1703, Place: Portpatrick, Wigtown, Scotland, Status: Marriage, Note:
Margaret Henart
1680 - 1750
William Adair
Great x 5 grandfather
c. 1719 - 1812
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