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Earl Dunbar George Dunbar
20 generations from the origin. Great x 18 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1338, Scotland;
Death: c. 1420; Scotland;
Age: 82

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  • 9th Earl of Dunbar
  • 3rd Earl of March, 1st creation (Scotish)
  • 12th Lord of Annandale
  • Lord of the Isle of Man


George Dunbar, 9th Earl of Dunbar was born circa 1336. He was the son of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabel Randolph. He married Christian de Seton, daughter of Alan de Wyntoun and Margaret de Seton. He died between 1416 and 1420.

George Dunbar, 9th Earl of Dunbar succeeded to the title of 3rd Earl of March [S., c. 1290] on 25 July 1368. He succeeded to the title of 9th Earl of Dunbar [S., c. 1115] on 25 July 1368. Between 1370 and 1390 referred to in contemporary sources by as Lord of Annandale and the Isle of Man. He held the office of Warden of the Marches in 1372. He fought in the Battle of Otterburn in 1388, where he took command of the Scots after the death of ‘Black Douglas.' In 1400 he renounced his allegiance to King Robert III on that King's eldest son and heir the Duke of Rothesay breaking off his engagement to the 9th Earl's daughter Elizabeth. He fought in the Battle of Homildon Hill in 1402, with the English. He fought in the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, with the English against Harry Hotspur, now in rebellion. In 1406 after King Robert III's death, he negotiated with the Regent a renewal of allegiance to the Scottish Crown, though at the price of the Lordship of Annandale among other possessions.

Child of George Dunbar, 9th Earl of Dunbar:
Sir David Dunbar of Cockburn

Child of George Dunbar, 9th Earl of Dunbar and Christian de Seton:
George Dunbar, 10th Earl of Dunbar b. c 1370, d. bt 1455 - 1457

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See the Family Tree

Sir Patrick Dunbar
c. 1315 - 1356
Lady Isabel Randolph
c. 1320 -
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Countess Dunbar Christian de Seton
c. 1340 -
Sir David Dunbar
Great x 17 grandfather
c. 1400 -
Earl Dunbar George Dunbar
Great x 17 grandfather
c. 1370 - c. 1456
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