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Captain John Smith
8 generations from the origin. Great x 6 grandfather.
Birth: 1701, England;
Death: 1779; Harrisonburg, Augusta/Rockingham county, Virginia, USA;
Age: 78

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  • Captain, Militia Company #1, American Colonies
  • Colonel, British Army


The following is from Cecil B. Smyth's book, The Smith/Smyth Family in America:
John Smith was born in England in 1701 and later settled with his parents in Ulster, Northern Ireland. He married Margaret (maiden name was possibly Schoenhester) in 1719 and they arrived in the Colonies at Philadelphia between 1730 and 1732 with five sons: Abraham, Henry, Daniel, John and Joseph Smith. Before 1738 John and his family were living in what is today Augusta Co., Va., on the Middle River northwest of the Beverly Manor Patent.

In Orange County, Va. on 26 June 1740, John Smith made oath that he imported himself, Margaret, his wife, Abraham, Henry, Daniel, John and Joseph Smith, and Robert McDowell as his own charges from Ireland to Philadelphia and from thence into this colony and that this is the first time of his proving his and their right in order to obtain land.

Another son, Patrick or William was born before 1741. While living in the Middle River, three more children were born, David, Jonathan and Louisa. They were baptized at the Old Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church. The youngest, James, who is an ancestor of the author, was born after the Smiths moved to Botentourt County, Va.

In 1742 John was a militia Captain and commanded Militia Company # 1. He was an agent for the James River and Roanoke Land Grant of 100,000 acres and because of this, moved to the James River area in about 1749 and resided near the present town of Buchanan for the rest of his life. He acquired several tracts of land along the James River and elsewhere, including 400 acres in what is now downtown Roanoke, Va. He was an Anglican (Episcopal) faith and was a vestryman from 1747 to 1756 and from 1758 to 1769.

End quote

Some sources indicate that he was a colonel in the British army prior to immigrating.

Abraham SMITH , Capt b: 1722 in Ulster Province, Ireland
Daniel SMITH , Col. b: 1724 in Ulster Co., Ireland
Henry SMITH b: 1727 in VA
John SMITH , Jr. b: 1730 in PA
Joseph SMITH b: 1734 in Chester Co. PA
Margaret Louisa SMITH b: 7 OCT 1740 in Augusta, Va
William Joseph SMITH b: 1742 in Barbour Co., Va
David SMITH b: 23 FEB 1743 in Essex Co., NJ
Jonathan SMITH b: 12 JUL 1744 in Augusta Co. Va
Louisa SMITH b: 6 OCT 1745
James Jordan SMITH b: 1746 in Augusta Co., VA


206 - The Smith/Smyth Family in America, Cecil B. Smyth
206 - The Smith/Smyth Family in America, Cecil B. Smyth
206 - The Smith/Smyth Family in America, Cecil B. Smyth


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Daniel Smith Jr.
c. 1675 -
No information for the mother yet
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1719, Place: Ulster county, Ireland, Status: Marriage, Note:
Margaret Harrington Schoonhester
c. 1700 - 1785
David Smith
Great x 5 grandfather
Feb 23, 1743 - Dec 1835
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