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Baron Hungerford Walter Hungerford
21 generations from the origin. Great x 19 grandfather.
Birth: Jun 22, 1378, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England;
Death: Aug 9, 1449; England;
Age: 71

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  • 1st Baron Hungerford - Dates: 1426-1449
  • Member of Parliament, Wiltshire - Dates: 1400-1407, 1413
  • Knight of the Garter - Dates: 1421
  • Lord High Treasurer - Dates: 1425-1431
  • Privy Council (King Henry VI)
  • Speaker of the House of Commons (England) - Dates: 1414-1415


Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford (22 June 1378 – 9 August 1449) was the son and heir of Sir Thomas Hungerford and Joan Hussey.

He served as Speaker of the House of Commons from 1414 to 1415. He was made a baron in 1426 and served as Lord High Treasurer from that year until 1432. Baron Hungerford fought at Agincourt and also served a diplomatic function at the Council of Constance and the Congress of Arras.

Baron Hungerford was the executor of Henry V's will and was a member of council under Henry VI. The principal residence of his family was at Heytesbury, Wiltshire.

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Sir Thomas Hungerford
c. 1330 - Dec 3, 1397
Lady Joan Hussey
c. 1350 -
Baron Hungerford Robert Hungerford
Great x 18 grandfather
c. 1400 - May 18, 1459
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