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Sir William Borthwick 1st of Borthwick
20 generations from the origin. Great x 19 grandfather.
Birth: bef 1368, Scotland;
Death: bef 1430; Scotland;
Age: 62

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  • Scottish Ambassador to England - Dates: 1398-1415


Sir William Borthwick, 1st of Borthwick was born before 1368. He died before 1430.

Sir William Borthwick, 1st of Borthwick held the office of Scottish Ambassador to England between 1398 and 1415. In 1410 he was granted a charter for the lands of Borthwick, Selkirkshire, by the Regent Albany. He was a commissioner to treat for the King's relaease in 1423. Between 1424 and 1427 he was a substitute hostage for King James I.

Children of Sir William Borthwick, 1st of Borthwick:
Margaret Borthwick
Janet Borthwick
Sir William Borthwick, 2nd of Borthwick b. c 1384, d. bt 1430 - 1439
George Borthwick b. c 1385, d. 1447
John Borthwick b. c 1393


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Lady Margaret Borthwick
Great x 18 grandaunt
c. 1400 -
Sir William Borthwick 2nd of Borthwick
Great x 18 grandfather
c. 1384 - c. 1435
Lady Janet Borthwick
Great x 17 grandmother
c. 1380 -
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