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Duchess of Brunswick-Celle Sophia Dorothea
Fifth cousin 12 times removed.
Birth: Sep 15, 1666, Brunswick-Lüneburg;
Death: Nov 13, 1726; ;
Age: 60

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  • Queen Consort of Great Britain and ireland


Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick and Luneburg (Celle line) (15 September 1666 – 13 November 1726) was the wife and cousin of George Louis, Elector of Hanover, later George I of Great Britain, and mother of George II through an arranged marriage of state, instigated by the machinations of Duchess Sophia of Hanover. She is best remembered for her alleged affair with Philip Christoph von Königsmarck that led to her being imprisoned in Castle of Ahlden for the last thirty years of her life.

Parentage and marriage[edit]
Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick-Lüneburg was born on 15 September 1666, the only child of George William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg by his long term mistress, Eleonore d'Esmier d'Olbreuse (1639–1722), Countess of Williamsburg, a Huguenot lady, the daughter of Alexander II d'Esmiers, Marquess of Olbreuse. George eventually married his daughter's mother officially in 1676 (they had been married morganatically previously).

There was some talk of marriage between Sophia and the (then) future king of Denmark, but the reigning queen was talked out of it by Duchess Sophia (her future mother-in-law). Another engagement to the duke of Wolfenbüttel was broken off after Duchess Sophia convinced her brother-in-law of the advantage of having Sophia Dorothea marry her cousin. This occurred on the day the engagement between Sophia Dorothea and the duke was to be announced.

When told of the change in plans and her new future husband, Sophia Dorothea shouted that "I will not marry the pig snout!" (a name he was known by in Hanover), and threw a miniature of George Louis brought for her by Duchess Sophia against the wall.[citation needed] Forced by her father, she fainted into her mother's arms on her first meeting with her future mother-in-law. She fainted again when presented to George Louis.

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Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg George William
Jan 26, 1624 - Aug 28, 1705
No information for the mother yet
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1694, Place: , Status: Divorce, Note:
King of Great Britain and Ireland George I
May 28, 1660 - Jun 11, 1727
King of Great Britain and Ireland George II
Sixth cousin 9 times removed, 7th cousin 10 times removed, 8th cousin 7 times removed, 9th cousin 7 and 10 times removed, 10th cousin 7 times removed
Nov 10, 1683 - Oct 25, 1760
Queen Consort of Prussia Sophia Dorothea of Hanover
Sixth cousin 9 times removed, 7th cousin 10 times removed, 8th cousin 7 times removed, 9th cousin 7 and 10 times removed, 10th cousin 7 times removed
Mar 16, 1687 - Jun 28, 1757
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