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Countess of Bregenz Bertha of Rheinfelden
30 generations from the origin. Great x 28 grandmother.
Birth: c. 1065, Germany;
Death: aft. 1128; ;
Age: 63

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  • Countess of Bregenz


Bertha of Rheinfelden (also Bertha of Bregenz) (born c. 1065; d. after 1128), countess of Kellmünz, was the daughter of Rudolf of Rheinfelden and wife of Ulrich X of Bregenz.

Bertha was the daughter of Rudolf of Rheinfelden and Adelaide of Savoy (daughter of Adelaide of Turin). Her sister, Adelaide of Rheinfelden, was married to Ladislaus I of Hungary. Bertha’s husband was Ulrich X, count of Bregenz (d. 1097). According to the Chronicle of Petershausen, Ulrich was betrothed to a daughter of Count Werner of Habsburg, but secretly arranged to marry Bertha instead.

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Antiking of Germany Rudolph von Rheinfelden
1017 - Oct 15, 1080
Duchess of Swabia Adelaide de Savoy
c. 1040 - 1080
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Count of Bregenz Ulrich X
c. 1060 - 1097
Count of Bregenz Rudolf I
Great x 27 grandfather
1081 - Apr 27, 1160
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